Jeremy Rifkin to address digital transformations

Leading international economist, author and social theorist JEREMY RIFKIN joins artists, authors, senior business leaders, academics and technologists at the Digital Transformations Conference in Ballina this May.

If, as Rifkin argues, the economy of the future is based on access then what will that mean for both our private and public lives?

Creativity is hailed now as the new energy to drive our future economy. But if technology can outsource imagination and creativity to programmes and algorithms, if technology can imagine, design and create then what does it mean to be human? Will businesses respond simply by developing new products and services, or will the very concept of business and business models be radically transformed?

Together with a range of artists and creative sector professionals DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS will address the possibilities of the new digital age..

Mr Rifkin is the author of the best-selling Third Industrial Revolution and The Zero Marginal Cost Society. Hehasbeen an advisor on technology and change to the leadership of the European Union since 2000 and adviser to the leadership of the Peoples Republic of China on developing a sustainable low-carbon economy.

Digital Transformations brings together artists and thinkers at the cutting edge of creativity and technology including Steve Woodhall, Paula Kehoe, Cate Field, Sinead McDonald, Leah Hilliard, Joanna Hopkins, Paula Kehoe, Alexandra Jonsson, Loes Bogers, Glyn Darkin, Ronan Laffan, Sinead McDonald, Sophia New and Daniel Rogers, Paul O’Neill, Ian Keaveny and more, to address the themes of the Digital Human, The Networked Personality and the Purpose of Art and culture in the digital society.

Digital technology has great potential, but as we rush into this future it is necessary to pause and ask – how will the technology reshape us? What will it mean to be human?

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