Conference Themes

Art for What’s Sake?

What kind of art is possible in a digital society? Not just art forms, but what kinds of artists (are they even human?) and audiences will there be? Will art serve the same purpose that it has done for centuries?

Digital Human

Is the Digital Society defined by the interaction of human beings and the environment they occupy and have created by their collective action, or is a human being+machine now the unit around which identity, rights, legal identity and meaning revolve?

Networked Personality

We’ve always been social, but the digital society seems to have created the paradox of constant contact and alienation. We have no shortage of channels for communication, self-expression and re-invention, and yet authenticity, credibility and dependability seem to be increasingly elusive.


What are the principles of freedom, of choice in Digital Society? How do we recognise these rights – can we turn to our artists to inspire us and preserve our dignity and independence? Do we need a manifesto to rally around so that we still have the power of free choice – or is the idea that we can have a local cultural identity to defend passé?

Break-out sessions

On the second day of the conference, attendees will get a chance to explore these themes in detail, sharing their own views and learning from others. Afterwards, attendees can explore North Mayo, a beautiful and stimulating environment for reflection and enjoyment.