Conference Format


The conference will be held on Saturday-Sunday 19-20 May at the Ballina Arts Centre in Ballina, Co Mayo.

Day 1

Keynote presentations, talks and panel discussions on the digital society and what it is, on how this might change society, art (aesthetics) and The Arts (the industry), on how artists are being affected or how they are responding to these changes, and on the tension between tech (which has developed an ideology around creativity) and artists (who often resist being co-opted), and on the importance of local communities in giving creative expression context and meaning. There will be some small exhibitions showcasing new art forms made possible by the digital experiences and the day will end with an evening show.

Day 2

Morning workshops focusing on the themes of the conference will take place at the centre, where attendees can can explore how this conversation about arts and the digital society might be developed further.

North Mayo is one of Ireland’s secret treasures, offering plenty of indoor and outdoor activities.