Greetings from Ballina

Welcome to #DigiTrans – the first newsletter of the Digital Transformations conference. It is sent our to subscribers first, and then published on the blog at least a week later. If you want to be the first find out about speakers and performers in our line-up, about the other activities in our two-day programme, special deals on accommodation and special activities available to conference attendees in this beautiful unspoiled part of Ireland, please sign-up!

This conference aims to start an on-going debate in Ireland about the digital society – what it means, how it is lived and how our culture can respond to it. Ireland is a perfect place to have this debate, since so many of the major agents of this change are here, and Ireland is trying to position itself as being in the forefront of these changes. There are conferences and gatherings that focus on technology and technological thinking. This conferences asks what is it like to live in such a society and are artists able to help the rest of us express that experience. Is the artist in his/her traditional role able to do this, or is that role itself being radically transformed? The conference will bring together artists, creative professionals, educators, policy makers, and business leaders to ask these questions, and hopefully to start a conversation and relationship that will extend beyond the two days of the conference.

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