An Exploration of Culture in a Digital Society

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Memory, authorship, identity, productivity, privacy and consumption are all changing. The digital society is transforming our traditional relationship to these concepts, enhancing some and alienating others.

Can artists help us navigate and respond to this new reality?

Is society even looking to artists to help make sense of the transformation? Or has the Digital Age moved beyond a need for artists? Are we not all artists now? Are machines and algorithms our artists and arbiters of taste?

How will we find meaning in this brave new world?

Digital Transformations brings together thought leaders in the arts, in business and technology, education and journalism to share their views on the digital society and the meaning and value of the arts in such a society. It is a showcase for artists who have begun to address these issues in both traditional and non-traditional forms.

Find out what the digital society really is from the people that are making it happen.

Meet, listen to and talk with artists who are making the digital society a part of their work.

Find out the ways in which creativity is currency in a digital society.

Explore the future of creativity with artists, journalists, publishers, policy makers, educators and technologists.

Why should you be a part of Digital Transformations?


Real innovation involves exploration, curiosity, and contact with ideas and experiences that are unfamiliar. Digital Transformations will start you on a journey of new understanding that can lead to new discoveries for you and your business.


The speakers, from the arts, media, business, education, technology and film will be joined by key influencers in the audience. This is a unique gathering of people, with whom senior managers and policy makers can establish potent new relationships.


To gain a competitive edge, you need to see things more clearly, and more quickly than others in your field. Digital Transformations will help clarify what the digital society is, without the jargon, and will use the imagination of artists and creative professionals to help you gain that critical insight.